Ortaklar Greenhouse is a 51 da., glass, geothermal heated full automated and climate controlled , soilless
greenhouse, located in Aydın province of Turkey.


Paykoç Foreign Trade Company is a family-owned company established in 1996 in the Aegean region as a regional distributor to provide high quality and high-yield vegetable seeds to the Turkish agricultural sector. It is named after the Paykoç family, one of the most established families in Izmir. Since its inception, it has taken important steps to increase product diversity and has proven itself in the sector as a national company. As a national company, it continued its success by opening to the international market in 2002. It has cooperated with many major companies of the world and contributed to the increase in the quality of agriculture by continuing the distribution of high quality products in Turkey. By investing every penny he earned from agriculture into agriculture, he bought simge seed Co., Ltd., which was established in 1993 in 2002 and started to import seeds. Sakata Vegetables Europe S.a.r.l France, Sakata Ornamentals Europe A/S Denmark, Morel, working with world-famous brands such as Icon Agriculture, short ...

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In 2005, Paykoç made a very important initiative by incorporating Ege Plantek, a company with 100% Japanese capital, at a time when many companies and banks were being sold to foreigners due to economic problems in Turkey. Ege Plantek, which has been growing seedlings since 1991, today has a 90-acre open space with 135 employees and a large japanese-built facility with 135 employees. it has become a company that sells quality seedlings.

To the Earth from Turkey

We grow our tomatoes with care and we send to the Earth from Turkey.

Advantages of Greenhouse Operation in Söke, Aydın

Ege Plantek Floristry, which started production in its new greenhouses equipped with the latest technology of 18 acres, opened in 2017, has thus increased its total production area to 45 acres. In 2006, Paykoç became the first company to receive the first best TARIM application in Turkey from the Ministry of Agriculture, and in 2007 it became the first and only Turkish company to export age broccoli by sending broccoli from Turkey to Tesco, England. Paykoç company is doing the huge volume of the business with Jiffy international since 4 year as a turkey distributer ,


We manage and control all steps of growing from seed to table.